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Lectronix provide an array of network solutions for all home and business requirements, from small home network extensions to complete business networks with integrated wifi, CCTV & VOIP services.

We like Ubiquiti & MikroTik networking products. They both make very competitively priced network equipment that's reliable and works!

Ubiquiti Networks MikroTik

Shops, Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

We install, upgrade & maintain hospitality business networks for many local businesses.

Our state of the art wifi networks provide excellent wifi service throughout your establishment and provide an integrated solution for wifi & wired devices, CCTV, VOIP telephony, EPOS systems & wireless music systems such as Sonos™. Our systems also offer secure separation of guest access from administrative devices, all on one system!

Home networking

Domestic networking is a large part of Lectronix's business

The rise of online TV services such as iPlayer, Netflix, online game console networks & demanding smartphone apps put a lot of pressure on domestic broadband services, especially in rural areas where connection speeds aren't what they are in towns & cities.

Older properties often suffer from poor wifi signals from room to room, this is mainly due to the thick stone walls they're built with. Cotswold stone in particular exacerbates this as it has a very non-reflective surface. This is something we deal with on a day to day basis, and often there is no single solution.

If these are the things you're having problems with in your home we'll give you a free home appraisal on how to future-proof your home network.

Community Networks

We installed and operate Lechlade Wifi, a community pay-as-you-go internet service which has been running sucessfully for over 5 years.

Originally to provide internet services to Lechlade Marina's 100 or so boat residents where there are no phone lines, the system was expanded to cover most of the town and now also provides cost effective internet access to several local homes & businesses.

There are no line rental fees and there is no contract, clients pay on a topup basis per gigabyte with the added advantage that unlike mobile broadband tariffs you get to keep what you paid for, not lose unused quota every month.

We wrote the hotspot metering & billing software for Lechlade Wifi using a RADIUS server and hotspot authentication. Access is instant, i.e. if you can get a signal, you can be connected within a minute. For permanent connections we install a CPE aerial and an indoor wifi router at the customer premises which provides internet throughout, in much the same way a wired broadband connection works.

We also provide temporary wifi networks for festivals & other outdoor events, please contact us for your requirements.

Long Range Links

In situations where high speed internet and telephony is required in remote locations where there are no phone lines and poor mobile signals we can provide long range wireless 'bridge' links which connect from a favourable location with high speed internet to the remote location. Within certain environmental constraints these links can be miles apart and yet offer Gigabit speeds!

CCTV Systems

Lectronix install state of the art IP CCTV systems and maintain and upgrade several IP and legacy analogue CCTV systems for local businesses.

CCTV security protects your property and is now a legal requirement for some types of business e.g. pubs. It can also save your business money in insurance costs. We only install quality HD CCTV systems, we see many CCTV systems that are either inadequate, poorly installed or difficult to use.

Common problem we see with cheap CCTV systems are:

VOIP Telephony

VOIP allows homes & businesses to take advantage of cheaper calls by using the internet as a telephone provider instead of the BT phone network. If your business has several lines and a traditional telephone PBX you could save thousands by converting to a VOIP system, without losing any functionality. In fact, VOIP has several other useful features:

Being IP based, VOIP systems use your existing wired/wireless network infrastructure, so there's no extra cabling, and with the latest POE phones, even the phone's power can be fed via an ethernet cable. Setup costs can be as little £100 for a single connection.